bumps in the night

About 15 years ago, I awoke during a thunderstorm. I'd been sleeping over the Mr.'s apartment, back when he lived in Astoria. As a crack of thunder shook the bedroom, I jolted from my sleep and screamed "this is so unnerving".

Then I rolled over and went back to sleep, as if nothing had happened.

A decade and a half later, he still teases me about that night.

We're in the midst of a storm as I click away at the keyboard. Somewhere in the desert—Vegas to be precise, he's hanging around a terminal, waiting to board a plane home.

Sleep will not happen for me. Not yet at least. My mind will settle once he sends that last text before the captain tells everyone to shut down their cellphones.

When he lands, and eventually walks through the door, that unnerving feeling will flood away, as I let out a sigh and retrieve the hug and kiss I've been dreaming about since he left in the pre-dawn darkness two days ago.


Marshmallow Filling

makes enough frosting for one 2-layer 9-inch cake

Ok, so I'm leading you on with this "recipe". See thinking about the Mr. reminded me I left you hanging a year ago when I shared my recipe for devil's food cake. Remember, the one I made for his big birthday celebration when he wanted me to recreate a ring ding?

Well, I went to look for the recipe I wrote down but it seems to be buried deep in one my handwritten testing notebooks. Once I rifle through them, I will be back to share.

And I didn't forget about those few teaspoons of white bean hummus I told you to save. I'll be back with the reason tomorrow.

I know, it's quite unnerving, all this waiting.



  • Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

    I know *exactly* how you feel! My husband used to travel pretty frequently, and I never quite feel at peace until he’s home safe and sound.
    And, that marshamallow filling is just taunting me… Yum!

  • Dana

    It’s so hard when they go away, being with a military man has certainly taught me that. Luckily it’s one of the best feelings in the world when they come back. I spend a lot of nights up way too late baking.

  • Chez Us

    I feel the same way, whenever Lenny travels without me. Such a warm relief when I get that text, “I landed”. I am not scared to travel, nor am I afraid of planes; just afraid of losing him without me.
    I am all over this fluff. Ever since I learned the simple task of making marshmallows, now when I need fluff in my life, I make it. Nothing like homemade, is there?