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Quite often I receive samples of products and previews of cookbooks.
In general, I write about recipes and how they relate to my life. If I
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that too. I do not write strictly product reviews and have no interest
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This is not a review blog. In Jennie’s Kitchen is a chronicle of my
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A Note About the Ads on In Jennie’s Kitchen

I’ve contemplated for a long while about
changing ad networks. The biggest issue for me was morally, how could I
get on my soap box and talk about supporting local farmers and cooking
from scratch if I ran advertising that was contradictory to this belief?
I would hope you understand it is just the best business sense for me
to use the current ad networks already in place. There are simple
financial costs of publishing a blog—ingredients for one. Right now,
this just makes sense to offset the cost of shopping, host registration,