merry christmas & happy new year

Forgive me for the pause in posting. It has been a harried week, and I'm nursing a wee cold in the midst of the usual juggle. I did manage to get some of my holiday baking done, though not as much as I'd hoped. Many friend, neighbors and school teachers got some of these mini crumb cakes, while others got some cocoa candied pecans and homemade pancake mix.

This has been a busy, yet prosperous year. No matter how tough times have gotten, I try to stay focused on the girls and the Mr. And for that reason, I'm taking some much needed time off. Isabella will be delighted to know she doesnt have to compete with mommy's work during the school vacation, and I'm thrilled about that too. People often wonder how I do it. Well, the fact is I get much less sleep than an human being should get for a prolonged period of time. I also take on way to many projects, but so is the life of freelancing—you've got to strike while the cast-iron skillet is hot. This next week and a half will be a recharging of the batteries. Watch out 2010, 'cause here I come. Happy holidays, and thanks for joining me on my cooking journeys.