Solar S’mores

I did some house cleaning on my Blackberry pictures and came across a few photos that reminded of a fun kid's summertime project: solar pizza ovens. The idea isn't mine, nor is it original since you can find a millions directions with a simple google search, but it was new to me after seeing it in action at the Earth Day fair this past April at my daughter's school. These instructions are detailed and include good step-by-step illustrations. You'll need a pizza box, plastic wrap, foil, black construction paper, straws or wooden dowels, along with tape, scissors and a marker.

SolarSmoresBoxTop SolarSmoresBase SolarSmoresAssemble

If it the heat on a cold April afternoon was strong enough to melt the chocolate for s'mores, then may be you really make English muffin pizzas in it under the scorching glare of the summer sun (there's not enough money you can pay me to try hot dogs as suggested). While I didn't taste one (did I mention the principal is against soap in the bathrooms, and those ingredients were touched by a LOT of kiddie fingers), but IRP did and liked them (hey, she was in that germ-fest of school all day anyway). I'll be adding this to our summer playlist—in the sanitized comfort of my own backyard.