The Right Recipe

Don't touch that mouse. I know you're wondering am I at the right place? I was trying to check out the latest post at In Jennie's Kitchen, but what's up with this logo where the food pic should be? Well, you're in the right place, so do me a favor and hang with me for a few minutes and continue reading.

You've all enjoyed reading, and hopefully running into the kitchen and making the recipes I post here, right? I thought it was time to take a few steps back and give a proper introduction. (I've got the line from Almost Famous buzzing in my head now, where William finally scores his interview with Russell at the end.) So, to begin with…unlike some cooks, chefs and the like who grew up underfoot in the kitchen, I came a little later to my calling. You can read all about my journey here. What I wanted to do today is take a moment to reflect on beginnings.

Like any good recipe, the start of a new journey begins with an idea. There's no guarantee of where it will go. Much like I hope and pray that all my dear ingredients will become a marriage of mouthwatering delight, you have to follow the idea first. So today, I want to introduce two ideas that have become successful journeys for two very amazing ladies.

I came across Chic Mom magazine by sheer fate. Earlier this year I was at a 1-800-Flowers event and met this super sweet woman named Stephanie. She was chatty, had a great smile and was just the ice breaker I needed at an event where I knew no one. After finding out I was the consulting food editor at Working Mother, she asked if I'd be interested in contributing to one of her client's projects. Darcy and I were introduced via email and soon met in person at an event Chic Mom hosted in NYC. So what is Chic Mom magazine you ask? Well, go check it out here and see for yourself. Darcy is graciously sponsoring part of my trip to BlogHer '09 this year. Let's give her a big thanks please.

And the other special lady? Well, that's Beth Feldman over at Role Mommy. Beth is proof that motherhood is the ultimate balancing act. And she does it with such grace and gusto, I'm honored to be on board and one of her newest contributors. So mamas, visit Role Mommy for a daily dose of practical answers and advice—I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this interlude. A good hostess never leaves her guests empty-handed, and I thought it would be fun to leave you with a link to the very first post and recipe I developed for Cuisinart almost two years ago. Simple, yes—it was for their baby blog, but abound with possiblities that have blossomed.