5-minute pizza dough

A few days ago I was in a meeting and mentioned that Fridays are always pizza and a movie night with the girls. In saying that, I also casually said I make my own dough. One woman at the meeting commented, “I love how your pizza night is with homemade dough and mine is takeout”. She told me she wished she had the time to make it from scratch.

homemade pizza

I told the woman at my meeting that homemade pizza dough is no big deal, and much easier than most people think. Still, it got me thinking about how to really get this message across. The essence of Homemade with Love is not about the recipes per se; it’s about spreading my monumental love of being in the kitchen and cooking. My hope is that a little of bit of that love becomes contagious, and people begin to look at cooking as another way to express their own love for the people around them. I woke up with this lingering idea in my mind of how I could convincingly get my point across that homemade pizza dough is indeed easy.


As I gathered the ingredients to make my own dough for this evening’s dinner, I found the answer in my iPhone, and a few strips of tape to prop it up while I kneaded the dough. A few minutes later I had a segments of video in my phone, and cobbled them together with iMovie.

Seeing is believing. All it takes is five minutes to make a batch of pizza dough. Happy Friday everyone!


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Pizza Friday from Jennifer Perillo on Vimeo.

p.s. I can’t share the whole recipe just yet, because it’s from the soon-to-be-released cookbook—two months from today! I promise it’ll be worth the wait. In the meantime, you can find a couple of recipes here  and here, for a whole grain crust, and pizza made on the grill.


  • Nadine

    I have always made my own pizza dough. What I loved about your pictures is that the shape is not “perfect”. Food tastes better if we taste the love not the perfection of its looks.

  • Jennie

    Jennie, it was so fun seeing you and hearing you. Now I can put a face and voice to you when I read your entries. Please do more videos!

    Another Jennie

  • Jean

    I agree with “Another Jennie”- so good to hear you dispense your thoughts on cooking. And you accomplished your goal- I am going to make homemade pizza dough this weekend! It is easy.

  • Elizabeth

    Love the video! So fun to see you and put a face to the posts. Can’t wait for your book AND to make the dough 🙂

  • Joan Bianco

    Pretty good for using only on hand until you got to the kneading. Who would have thought there was another use for tape – holding up the camera. Very creative , but then I know you have many talents.

  • LauraD

    I have been making my own dough for awhile and just got a pizza stone for Christmas. I have definitely noticed a difference, but it still doesn’t seem to puff up quite as much as yours (or look like yours!). I will have to get your recipe/book

  • Kathy - Panini Happy

    Yet one more reason I’m looking forward to your book! I literally just came over here to find your pizza crust recipe bc your pizza Friday pizzas have looked so amazing. Will be anxiously anticipating!! 🙂

  • Andrislagsdin

    Hi Jennie,
    Beautiful pies. Can’t wait to see your dough recipe. I would love to help your readers create that oven spring in their home pizza making. It is possible!


  • Tracey A

    Morning Jennie,
    Called in sick yesterday because of the flu..or something. But I know I must be on the mend, because food and cooking is starting to look good again.(well better) Not a 100% but better, much better.
    Rainbows, hugs and happy sunflowers,

  • The Suzzzz

    That took me back to the days when I worked in my uncle’s pizza restaurant. We would mix the dough every night at closing and then set it in the walk in to proof. The next morning we got it out and measured it into different weights for different sizes and then covered them and set them to proof a second time so they’d be ready when the orders came in. There is a zen to pizza and it looks like you’ve mastered it.

  • Kelli @ The Corner Kitchen

    We’re all about pizza Fridays! I usually end up buying the dough, but I’ll definitely be making my own now that I know it comes together so quick. My Friday nights have just been changed forever 🙂 Anxiously awaiting your book!

  • Danielle

    Thank you Jennie, that video is fantastic! I’ll definitely be making homemade dough next time now I’ve seen how easy it is.

    Just out of curiosity, how vegan-friendly is your cookbook? I love how you include vegan options where possible on this blog and I’m hoping the cookbook is the same, so I can justify the purchase. 🙂

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Danielle—one aspect of the book that I’m especially proud of is that every recipe has easy-to-understand icons, noting what is egg-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. Where applicable, I’ve noted Vegan Friendly options for making dishes too.

  • DamselflyDiary

    I loved watching your pizza dough video even though I am gluten free and can’t use your recipe. You are terrific! I look forward to your blog posts, eagerly reading them when they they posted.

  • Trish

    Ah, this is so great. I’ve tried making pizza dough and it doesn’t always work out so well. Am looking forward to your book and this 5 minute recipe!

  • Jehanne@thecookingdoctor

    Hi jennie- I thought u have just given us the recipe in the video? As I am gonna try your measurement out, I have always been making dough from scratch but am curious enough to try your authentic version as it would definitely be more Italian than mine 🙂

  • Leire

    Hi Jennie! I tried your recipe and it was tons better than commercial (:)), but….there is always a PERO, my dough tasted too much like bread..
    After it raised it was really sticky so I added more flour and kneaded it…I m guessing this was my mistake but I don’t know how to improve it, because there was no way I could make a pizza out of the dough after it raised.
    Thanks to Jennie or anyone else that can help!
    🙂 a proud pizza maker, my first!

  • jackie

    I loved this video, thank you! It’s exactly the type of encouragement I need to make my own pizza dough. I have Saf-Instant yeast that I keep in the fridge – is this OK to use?