Twix Bar Brownies

Twix Bar Brownies | In Jennie's Kitchen

When I first saw the theme for this week’s Fall Fest at Food Network, I was going to pass, but then my kids would’ve never gotten to taste these Twix Bar Brownies. I don’t usually make Halloween themed foods or crafts since my girls are older now. I do have a killer inspiration board on Pinterest, though, so go take a look here if you’re planning a ghoulish event next weekend.

Now, truthfully, I’m a grinch when it comes to Halloween, even back in the day when I hosted big parties. I did it because everything felt so fresh and new through their eyes. Virginia is in my camp here. She loves dressing up and candy is always her first food of choice, but she doesn’t like crowds or trick or treating. In her opinion, it’s not worth it for free candy. That’s my girl! Mikey was the Halloween fun meister, and so it worked out nicely that he took Isabella out while V and I trick or treated for a few blocks, then went back to our stoop in Brooklyn to greet trick or treaters. One thing we both do love about Halloween is giving out free treats, so we’re not total grinches, I guess. Continue reading…

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