Micheline’s Cucumber Salad

Micheline's Cucumber Salad | In Jennie's Kitchen

I never really wrote about my time with C, though I dropped hints here and there. They weren’t meant to be teases, or misleading. After having let so much of Mikey go here, I needed to hold something back for myself. Until weeks before he passed away, most of you simply new him as the Mr. I sometimes wonder if I gave up too much of him to the world…

With C. things were always a bit complicated. Him on another continent, for starters. But he’s also a gypsy of sorts, the desire to settle down at constant odds with his fear of settling down. Still, my memories with him, the ones that mostly stay with me, are fond ones. I wandered the mountains in Morocco with him. Had a snowball fight at midnight, in Paris—on the Pont des Arts. Sounds like a storybook, and often felt like it. Continue reading…

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