Zucchini Oatcakes

Zucchini Oatcakes | In Jennie's Kitchen

Virginia looked at me quizzically when she asked what I was baking the day I made these Zucchini Oatcakes. She had no idea what an oatcake was exactly. My reply? Imagine a zucchini muffin and a granola bar had a baby—that’s what this Zucchini Oatcake would be. She understood immediately, and said “mommy, you sure have a funny way of explaining things”.

Odd as my example might be, it really is spot on. These Zucchini Oatcakes aren’t quite a muffin, but they’re not so sturdy to be deemed a bar of any sorts. The wonderful thing about these, aside from how yummy they are to eat, is they’re forgiving enough to pack as an on the go snack. No worries about crumbles in your purse (please tell me I’m not the only one who has this problem), and they’re perfect to pack in school lunches. Continue reading…

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