The Resistance

People say our country has survived worse leadership. They say we’ve been through tougher times. The glaring difference here is that the past fights have been to move our country forward in a better direction for humanity. The civil rights movement led to desegregation. The women’s rights movement led to women’s reproductive rights. The LGBTQ movement has led to equality for everyone on a human level.

This new era we’re being ushered into is not about advancement. Instead of focusing on progress, all of these movements will have to work twice as hard to keep the rights already earned. Of course, this is not new. Conservatives have been trying to chip away, and sometimes quite successfully, at women’s reproductive rights. Before marriage equality became the law of the land, Conservatives we’re hatching legislative road blocks to circumvent the supreme law of our country. Enacting voter ID laws is a direct way to suppress the minority vote. Continue reading…

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