Double Crust Mostly Rhubarb Pie

Mostly Rhubarb Pie | In Jennie's Kitchen

You might be wondering what a Double Crust Mostly Rhubarb Pie is exactly. Well, it’s what happens at the intersection of thrift and indecision. I had a few rhubarb stalks in the fridge. Not quite enough for a pie as I’d originally intended. While I’m still certain strawberry-rhubarb pie isn’t my favorite, though it’s a fine excuse to make, and eat, pie, I did discover I very much like an all-rhubarb pie recently. I started out making a mini one before committing to a full-size pie.

But then I didn’t buy enough rhubarb stalks when I was at the store, so I wrinkled my nose and furrowed my eyebrows, as I searched the fridge and kitchen for some supporting cast members in this particular pie filling. I found three rather large, plump strawberries. They would do, but I decided to chop them fine, preferring them to melt into the filling than be distinctively noticeable. Continue reading…

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