Za’atar Spiced Cucumber Salad

Za'atar Cucumber Salad | In Jennie's Kitchen

Remember the pickles in last week’s Stuffed Cheeseburger post? Well, they weren’t really pickles, at least not in the traditional sense. I did want a pickle-like addition to my burgers, though, and that’s what lead me to make this Za’atar Spiced Cucumber Salad. Instead of the briny, vinegary bite you get from a true pickle, I wanted something more vibrant. A fresh burst of flavor.

I’d found some cucumbers at the farmers’ market, and decided to slice one up into thin rounds. You can cut them thicker, if you prefer, but I’d let them sit a bit longer before serving so the dressing has a chance to really absorb into the cucumber. The dressing contains an acid (apple cider vinegar) and sweetener (maple syrup), much as you’d find in the brine for traditional pickles (different from lacto-fermented pickles). I chose the maple syrup to keep it vegan, but you can use honey if that’s all you have on hand. Continue reading…

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