Honey Chamomile Spice Cake

Honey Chamomile Spice Cake | In Jennie's Kitchen

This Honey Chamomile Cake is a bit of a bully. There’s a half dozen recipes in the queue I want to share, but this here gentle giant pushed its way to the top. It’s not the cake’s fault, really. I’m sharing this so immediately for anyone who’s celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, this weekend, but this cake is really a lovely everyday cake, too.

It’s incredibly easy to make—Virginia, my little one, made it mostly by herself. Another bonus is you don’t need to take out the stand mixer, or even a hand mixer. We used a whisk, and while it’s a little bit of an arm workout (her words exactly), a whisk gets the job done just fine without dirtying any other equipment. So, I guess the other bonus is that this is a one bowl cake! Continue reading…

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