Garden Update

So far the veggie garden I planted on Mother's Day is surviving under my care. Below you'll see some lettuce, the container next to it is housing broccoli and collards (yes, looking a bit crowded, so if you gardening pros think something needs to be thinned out please do chime in). The container on the bottom left holds some shallots and leeks, and right next to it is eggplant. I'm also growing basil and this weekend hope to get some tomato plants into containers.

I enjoyed my first salad using some romaine and red leaf lettuce—I was so glad to get advice from a Twitter friend that I could just snip what I needed rather than harvest the whole head at once. Last night I made my second salad and tossed in some hydroponic tomatoes I bought at the farmer's market. It was a nice balance to the burgers I grilled and served on homemade biscuits using Dorie Greenspan's recipe (me and the Mr. loved it, the 6yr old prefers a regular bun).

Broccoli & Collards 05.19.09

Leeks & Shallots 05.19.09 Eggplant 05.19.09