Cocktail Hour

This week welcomes the debut of guest blogger, Ilina over at Dirt&Noise. Every Friday she concocts a TGIF drink to whisk away the craziness of the week. Check back every Friday for her latest


Thin Mint Orgasm
by Ilina

I have an unhealthy desire for Thin Mints. You know the ones. You stash them in your freezer too and silently pray that there's just one more sleeve tucked behind the nine month old box of baking soda when you've crumbled that last tasty morsel over some vanilla ice cream. The Girl Scouts would be a rich bunch if they'd smarten up and sell those chocolately minty marvels year round. And Mac Daddy would be one lucky guy more than just on March 14 if I could use him as a dipstick into some Thin Mint sauce. Yeah, I love Thin Mints that much.

Ready to mix up a cocktail? Click here for Ilina's recipe.

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