Homemade with Love photo shoot, day two

Day two of the Homemade with Love photo shoot is where Penny De Los Santos captured the cover shoot for the book. We tried it with a few different tops and various baked goods. This wasn’t the final of either, but everyone had a good laugh when Penny attached those clamps to my shirt—one of my friends cleverly refers to them as my suspenders.

Looking back on this photo, almost a month after the shoot, I realized I have a twinkle in my eye. The photo shoot was emotional, but to see that genuine smile on my face warmed my heart. It reminds me that somewhere inside is the old me, and she comes out, ever so slowly as each day passes.

You can get “extra helpings” from day two of the photo shoot over at my Flickr page.



  • Kiran @ KiranTarun.com: Oh Jennie, that smile is definitely the icing on a cake. All the best to you and the girls. xo

  • Susan P: Can’t wait for the book….so excited!

  • Scott: I love the clamps! That’s one way to remove any wrinkles in your shirt. #tricksofthetrade

  • Molly M: I cannot wait for this cookbook to come out! I know what all my friends/family will be getting for their birthdays… :o) Thank you for not only amazing, delicious recipes but a beautiful perspective on life.

  • irene: i just pre ordered your book! i can’t wait to recieve it.

  • julie: How wonderful that you had the opportunity to work with Penny!! Congratulations on the book and life.