15 Ways to Enjoy Grilled Cheese

As I mentioned last month, I’ve started working with Parade’s Community Table, contributing slide shows to their website. What I love most about this is that it forces me to poke my head out of my work-from-home, solitary shell. In researching recipes for topics and themes of my choosing, I get to see all the amazing content being created by some very talented people.

I put together this slide show for National Grilled Cheese Day, and frankly, they’re all must make recipes, in my book. You’ll see a few favorites from In Jennie’s Kitchen, too (that’s my Tomato Jam, Mozzarella & Spinach Panini up there). To see the whole slide show, click here.

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And while St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are well behind us, you’ll want to bookmark these recipes. Some you’ll enjoy year round (I mean, there’s cannoli in the Easter one—that is not a seasonal food, by any means), and others you’ll want to have handy for when these holidays roll around next year.

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