the cookie jar is exploding

I'm quite excited to have Michelle from What's Cooking as my co-host today. She's sharing her recipe for Grandma's Ground Almond Cookies and her post will be up later this morning, so be patient while she finishes tidying up the kitchen and go visit her when the recipe is ready. The picture below proves they are kid-tested and approved, so I can't wait to see it myself.


I'd like  to shine the spotlight on some amazing cookies that are filling up the virtual jar—we've got over 30 recipes in it! First up is this gorgeous Red Velvet Shortbread Cookie from Lori at Recipe Girl. I had the good fortune to spend some time with Lori back at Blogher Food in San Francisco a few months ago. I love it when twitter and real life intersect and have met some really wonderful people. I'm adding this cookie to my baking list next week because they just holler "Christmas time is here".

The 12 Days of Sharing has officially become an international event with this Cavallucci recipe from Jul's Kitchen in Italy. I'm so excited to have this Tuscan Christmas cookie in the virtual jar and look forward to catching up with Giulia's blog.


Giulia's Cavallucci

The last few days have been busy and while my chocolate orange spice cake didn't win yesterdays judging with Francois Payard and Barbara Fairchild, I got to taste an amazing cake from Marc and No Recipes. If he thinks can get away without posting it, Olga, Alice and I will hunt him down, so get to work Marc. That said, this story from Kim over at The Yummy Mummy was the perfect read when I woke up this morning—I set my alarm for six a.m. so I could get this post out to you all. Kim and I "know" each other through twitter and a mutual friend of a friend. Okay, so that doesn't sound like a close relationship, but trust me, I adore this lady and the day we meet you will hear the shrieks of joy…even over in Italy Giulia. I can't do Kim's post justice, so grab a hot cup of coffee or cocoa and give it a read.

Now it's time for me to get my butt in gear, wake and feed the kiddies and get ready for my kid's coking class at IRP's school day. I'll be making French toast cutouts with eight first graders this morning.Thanks for hanging with me these past five days and if you've been thinking you want to make a donation to help end childhood hunger, then do it now.


This will hopefully be featured on Oprah's 2009 holiday site (it has been a slow going process), so go check out the other great bloggers participating in the 12 Days of Sharing campaign.