Springpad: Your Virtual Recipe Box

Yesterday Jen Schall treated us to a round up of this month’s foodie mags. Incidentally, the world also learned Conde Nast decided Gourmet had outlived its shelf life. And now today, I’m looking at the future and how to keep pace in this ever changing digital landscape. It’s a big blogosphere, and every man, woman, and child seems to have a food blog.

Remember I gave you a tip for organizing the best of the best recipes online a couple of months ago? Well, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. Springpad had an official relaunch yesterday, and it proves to be better than ever. Here’s a quick reminder if you’re not in the mind to time travel to my previous post. No more booking marking your favorite recipes and trying to track them down later. Now you can Spring It to your virtual recipe box and gather all your “must-makes” in one place. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also search Springpad’s site to find some new faves, plan your menus and even print out shopping lists. And if you order within the next 10 minutes, we’ll give you an extra Springpad for free! Okay, so that last part is made up, but this was starting to sound like an infomercial.

Seriously, I’ve loved Springpad ever since Rachel from Coconut Lime tweeted about months ago, and there were only a handful of users. It’s only natural that I’ve signed on as one of their partners, and it has benefits for you too. Now you can save all my recipes with the click of a mouse (it’s that little yellow “save it” button at the end of each post. Need more details? Andrea Meyers over at Andrea’s Recipes wrote a great post yesterday, so go visit her, browse a few recipes…and save your favorites to your own Springpad profile. And if you can’t visit me here everyday (hey, I know life gets busy), then stop by and peek inside the fridge at my Spingpad profile

Now, I’m going to recover from my marathon baking session this weekend. 10 cakes in 36 hours, followed by an all day photo shoot. The project is still top secret, but lets just say you might want to stock the liquor cabinet before Spring 2010 (oh, it’ll be here before you know it).