Farm to Table Lunch

Lunchtime is hit or miss for me. Depending on what I'm testing, a balanced meal isn't always a guarantee. Sometimes I even order out to save time and eat while I cook. Yes, I admit, I do not always practice what I preach. Fitting in working from home with two kids means something has to give and for me, lunch occasionally falls victim.

Yesterday, though, I spied the lettuce growing in containers in my backyard. As I sat at the kitchen counter typing, I thought about snipping a few leaves to make a salad. Then my mind went to the tiny piece of smoked shoulder butt bacon from Flying Pigs Farm tucked away in the freezer. And so, a yummy nutritious farm to table lunch was born. The eggs were from Grazin' Angus Acres (you guys must be tired of hearing me talk about them, but Dan's chickens produce the finest eggs).

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The bacon ends equaled about 2 thick slices in total. I fried them and after removing from the pan and heat, added 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to the hot skillet. This made a thick reduction that I whisked with some extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and touch of honey for a quick dressing. Toss the salad greens with half the bacon, reserving the other half to sprinkle on top. I even added some avocado since it was leftover from the baby's lunch.

If you want to make the Parmesan toasts pictured above, just sprinkle some cheese onto thinly sliced pieces of rustic-style bread and broil until golden—it won't take long at all. Cook's Confession: I set my first batch of toasts on fire. I was yapping with the babysitter and forgot they were in the oven. She got a kick out of how I took the flaming bread from the oven, tossed it into the sink and started over. Lesson: pay attention when browning anything in the broiler.

Knowing how to cook a sunny side up egg is a delicious skill. I prefer a non-stick skillet, and there are a few lines out there now with eco-friendly coatings in case that's a concern. Make sure you use a skillet in proportion to the number of eggs you're cooking. For one or two eggs, a small one is perfect. Heat the pan over a medium-low flame. Add a pat of butter and swirl to coat the pan. Crack the egg and slowly let it fall from the shell into the frying pan. Cover and let cook for about one to two minutes until the white is set, edges crispy and yolk bright. I like a runny yolk but you can cook yours an extra minute or two if you prefer it cooked a bit more.

It sounds like a lot of explanation for such a quick, easy and satisfying meal but you already know I like to talk, right?

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  • African Vanielje

    my favourite type of meal. I’m generally a what’s in the larder type of cook than what do I need to buy for this recipe. I’m a little fanantical about eggs too, so I understand

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for stoppin gby the blogs! This morning I dropped the carton of eggs and two broke. I almost cried because they’re both so expensive ($8/dozen( and tasty.