I feel pangs of guilt for buying anything out of season or not local. But let's face it, the baby likes bananas and so do I. In fact, we'd be missing out on a whole world of food. So, my rule of thumb is if it's grown locally, then we only eat it when it's available in-season. After that, all bets are off.

Tired of the apples and pears (oh, berry and melon season hurry up), I spied this interesting looking fruit at the local supermarket. The produce label read cherimoya. I did what anyone other tech-savy mama with a blackberry would do and googled it. Then I asked my tweets if they'd heard of this fruit. Edible San Francisco, part of the edible communities (EdibleSF on twitter) referred me to Calimoya's website (its also one of top hits on google search).

The taste is indeed creamy and reminiscent of pineapple, mango and a hint of strawberry. Everyone from ages 1 year to 49 loved it (BTW, the 49 is the Mr. not me for those curious).

DSC01316-1 DSC01321-1

It was a delicious and pricey taste test at a price tag of $5 a fruit (EdibleSF says they're pricey at their local farmer's market too). At that price, I can't bear to throw away the seeds, so shoot me an email if you'd like some to toss in your backyard.

For cherimoya recipes, visit these websites:

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