feelin’ groovy

I spent 12 hours traveling home today. No, I didn’t go to Paris. Nor did I venture to the west coast. I was simply trying to get back to NYC from Chicago. The details of my travel aren’t important, though if you follow me on twitter, you likely saw my heated exchange with American Airlines.

And now here I am at my laptop, clacking away when I should be going to bed. Alas, sleep will have to wait until mid-May when the book publicity settles down. But I had to pop in here and share something. Before coming upstairs to my office to start the night shift, I made a blueberry spritzer. I had some blueberry syrup in the fridge from this event last week, and simply mixed it with some Pellegrino. As I took the last sip and looked down in my glass, six tiny wild blueberries had settled to the bottom of it, all in a row, forming a smile. At that moment, my cup wasn’t half empty or full. It was simply smiling at me, reminding me that happiness is a choice as long as you keep yourself focused on it at all times.

I’m adding a few links for your reading and viewing pleasure below. Hope everyone is having a great week, and be back in a bit. À bientôt.

Music Pairing: The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) by Simon & Garfunkel


My cooking segment on Good Day Chicago.

A peek into the NYC launch event for Homemade with Love.

Some reviews of Homemade with Love from Edible Brooklyn and The Washington Post. Plus a few of my friends hosted a virtual potluck this week to celebrate the book’s publication. Go see what Gina, Ilina, Jodi, Amy, and Kim cooked from the book.  I’ve also started a Pinterest board to gather all the reviews of the book in one place.

p.s. if you ever find yourself traveling with the kids to Chicago, or just want the ability to cook a meal in your hotel room, I highly recommend the Residence Inn on East Walton Place. The suite didn’t break the bank, and the staff was incredible.


  • Denise

    WOW – it wouldn’t even take you that long to get to Paris. Not even from here …. Last time I flew on AA it took me 24 hours to get from SF to Boston. Haven’t been on them since. At least you are home, safe and with the girls!!

  • Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

    Oh Jennie, I saw a little bit of that happening and just felt so sorry for you. Glad you’re home safe and sound now. So so excited for your book tour actitivies and hope that the rest of your travels are smooth and hassle-free.

  • cherie

    I had to pop over and tell you this: I just received my hardcover copy of your book
    I have far too many cookbooks and I rarely buy new ones as I’ve given away so many boxes full already. Before I decide I check them out of the library, then if there are really a lot of things I want to try, I’ll buy it on my kindle.

    There were so many, and the book was so lovely, that I had to give it shelf space IRL – great job!

  • Ann

    You’re great at speeches. So glad you are having some good times and I love what you are teaching your girls. Well done. x

  • Jan @ Family BItes

    Jennie – I’m a long time reader, but first time commenter and I just want to say that I’m LOVING your book. I live in Toronto and am a good friend of Mardi’s, and look forward to meeting you when you’re in town next month.