Homemade Violet Syrup

3 cups violets (39 grams), stems removed (it’s okay if the little green bulbs are still attached)

1 cup boiling water

2 cups (200 grams) superfine sugar

Few drops of fresh squeezed lemon juice

Add the violets to a heat-proof, glass jar. Pour the boiling water on top. Give the jar a few swirls to make sure the violets are submerged completely in the water. Screw the lid onto the jar, and let the tea steep for at least 24 hours, as if you were making tea (I let this batch steep for 48 hours). You can store the violet tea at room temperature, or in the fridge, once cooled, if you prefer.

To make the syrup, place a fine strainer over a small-medium sized pot. Pour the infusion through the strainer, using a rubber spatula to press all of the water from the violets. Discard the flower solids.

Add the sugar to the pot, and stir well to blend. Place the pot over a medium-low flame. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the sugar is completely dissolved, but without the syrup coming to a rolling boil. It should take 3 to 4 minutes.

The syrup will turn a muddled greyish blue color. Don’t worry—this is normal. To return it to a vibrant violet color (more purple than deep blue it was in the tea phase), squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice into the syrup. Pour the syrup into heat-proof, glass jars, and let cool completely before sealing closed with a lid. The cooled syrup can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 year (although I tend to use mine up before then!).