Pan Seared Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Pear & Walnut Salad

Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2 to 4
Think of this salad as "Brussels sprouts for beginners". You're only using the outer leaves, so it's camouflaged a bit as regular salad greens, but lovers of Brussels sprouts will still be fans of it. The salad is forgiving in that it's great warm from the skillet, but also holds well at room temperature for up to 30 minutes, so you can cook it a little bit ahead. I love it with pears, but apples would work nicely. Once pomegranates are in season, they would be a nice addition, as well as add a pop of color. And when citrus season starts, sections of orange would be amazing.


  • 14 Brussels sprouts
  • Olive oil
  • ½ of a small head of cauliflower, florets cut up into small pieces
  • Sea salt
  • Handful of walnuts, toasted & chopped (divided)
  • Small pear, cored removed & finely chopped (divided)
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons Vinaigrette Dressing (recipe here)


  1. Start by preparing the Brussels sprouts. Remove the loose outer leaves, and save the inner sprout for another use (perfect for roasting).
  2. Heat a deep skillet over medium-high heat. Add a swirl of olive oil, and tilt the pan to make sure the bottom is coated. Add the cauliflower. Let sit undisturbed for 1 to 2 minutes, until nicely browned underneath. Season with salt, and give the pan a shake to loosen and shuffle the cauliflower. Add another swirl of oil only if necessary (if the cauliflower seems to be sticking). Continue to cook, shaking the pan 2 to 3 times, until the cauliflower is a bit charred all around, about 3 to 4 more minutes.
  3. Transfer the cauliflower to a deep bowl. Add the Brussels sprouts to the pan. Saute for 30 seconds, just until the leaves turn bright green. Add the leaves to the bowl with the cauliflower.
  4. Add half the walnuts and half the pears to the bowl. Spoon the dressing on top, and stir until well mixed.
  5. Arrange the salad on a serving dish. Scatter the remaining walnuts and pear on top. May be served immediately, or hold for 30 minutes to serve at room temperature.