cold-brewed coffee

makes 3 double-strength cups

Depending on my mood, I drink this cold, over homemade coffee ice cubes, or hot with steamed milk—either way means I dilute it with equal parts milk (1:1 ratio, for example 4 ounces coffee with 4 ounces milk). Sometimes I simply heat and drink it full-strength for an espresso-like experience (as pictured above). As for the grind, medium works best if you’re using the press method as directed below.

Oh, and one more thing, you need a scale. This recipe was the impetus for me to grant a spot on the counter for mine. I finally got tired of reaching into the drawer a million times a day.

42 grams drip-ground coffee (medium-textured)

3 cups/24 ounces/675 ml cold water

Add the coffee to a French press pot. Pour in the water and stir. Do not skip this step or else the grinds will not steep properly. Trust me, I speak from experience. Cover with a plate or rest the press cover on top, but do not plunge. Let “brew” at room temperature for 8 to 10 hours (I find the last 2 hours don’t make a huge difference but don’t want you setting your alarm just to push the press down—that’d be plain silly).