Imagine everything you love about pumpkin pie tucked inside a waffle? No fumbling over crust (although, with this recipe there’s […]

Yes, I know this Pan Seared Cauliflower looks awfully familiar. What began as a simple cauliflower side dish, morphed in […]

Given all that’s transpired the last few days, I’m not sure how any of us (or at least the 60,274,974 […]

It feels odd writing today. I’ve yet to exhale since casting my vote at 6:15am this morning. Too much is […]

I’ve been crossing a lot of recipes off my To Make bucket list these days, so that explains this recipe […]

We live less than 20 minutes from some of the best apple cider doughnuts, ever (Davenport’s farm stand in Stone […]

When I first saw the theme for this week’s Fall Fest at Food Network, I was going to pass, but […]

Eating is a funny endeavor these days. Whatever method or approach you take for choosing your ingredients, or meal, there […]

My kids love my usual chili, and I’m a little shy to admit that it’s not my usual from scratch […]

Yes, the irony isn’t lost on me with this recipe. I mean, it contains just everything I avoid eating these […]

I love tofu. Those are words I would’ve never imagined saying 20 years ago. Two decades later, though, and figuring […]