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pumpkin slab pie

I know, it doesn’t look like much, but believe me that this pie will change your life. At least when it comes to making pie for a crowd. The weather changed rather abruptly last week. Between that and the sudden realization that Thanksgiving was around the corner, my cravings for pumpkin pie, both eating and baking it, kicked into high gear.

I’ve been doing a lot of baking for the school store, and I wondered the best way to sell the pie there without needing plates or utensils. Slab pie came to mind. Rather than baking it in a round pie plate, you use a jelly roll pan, creating bar-like pieces. The yield is also incredible, turning what would’ve normally been a deep dish pie for 10 into a more suitable serving size of 24 square bars. Continue reading »

black & white cookies

Do you ever have those moments where a memory comes flooding back so vividly you feel like you’re in the moment? It happened today as I was driving to pick the girls up from school. Way back when Virginia was a wee one, I made up a bedtime song to the tune of Love Train. It went something like this…

Babies around the world,

Hold hands…

Let’s start a sleep train, a sleep train.

Isabella was only six or seven then. We’d place our hands on each other’s hips, and boogie into the bedroom at our old apartment on Henry Street. I can see Virginia with that squinted-eyed smile, newly minted with a tooth, or two. One night Michael came home to witness this silliness, and he wasn’t surprised at my goofball creativity to make bedtime fun. He grabbed a hip, and joined in. Continue reading »

how to make biscuits from scratch {video}

Ever wonder how to make biscuits from scratch? Watch the video, then get my recipe for Two-Ingredient Biscuits here.

How to Make Two-Ingredient Biscuits from Jennifer Perillo on Vimeo.

why we cook {food.curated. series}

From the get-go, I knew promoting a book would be more challenging than writing one. That theory is proving to be true. It’s not to say that publicity is more work, it’s just that it’s a different kind of work, and one with which I’m trying to find a comfort-level. I’m incredibly shy, and don’t like talking about myself, which I realize sounds odd to say for someone who has shared so much of her life in a public manner. Sitting behind a screen, clacking away at a keyboard, it is easy to feel anonymous, when the reality is so far from that. Continue reading »

french toast waffles

All I seem to be doing today is counting the hours until I can retire to my jammies, and curl up on the couch for pizza and a movie with the kids. I had hoped to share some details about a project I’m working on with Kidzvuz. Rebecca, one of the founders, is a long-lost sister of sorts, and I’m really excited to collaborate with her and Nancy finally. I will be back with the goods on it all next week. Continue reading »

orange-sesame tofu with snow peas

The days suddenly started getting longer. I didn’t fully appreciate it until we sat down to dinner last night, and realized the only light casting a glow was from Mother Nature, streaming through our dining room windows. Today we left swimming class, and sure enough it was still daylight too. I often joke that I’m solar powered, so this is very good news. Last year I was amazed at how late it remains daylight in Paris during the summer. In the beginning of the month, darkness didn’t descend until almost 11:00pm. I thought I’d have to paint the windows black to get the kids to fall asleep! Continue reading »

spring fever

The calendar rolling to March 1st feels so powerful. It means we’ve weathered another winter. The tulip leaves creeping up through the soil signal spring is on its way. Hope seems to replenish the nearly empty well deep within in my heart.

Days get longer, and the air gets warmer. Of course, just when it feels safe to to cloak myself in a lighter coat, Mother Nature reminds me who is really in control. Still, March brings the power of a Phoenix rising from the ashes buried beneath a heavy snowfall. This particular March also brings a lot of good news. The book—my cookbook, comes out in 24 days. Soon it will no longer be just mine. It will belong to all of you who let it grace your home. Continue reading »

perfect roasted potatoes

There are few things in life that are perfect. This is something I keep trying to remind myself, but my inner Martha Stewart often battles with the realities of life. A little chaos never threw me for a loop, but lately reigning control over some variables in my life offers incredible solace. Being able to make what I consider to be the perfect roasted potato is one of those variables. I wrote about them last week for Relish Magazine. I’m so happy to share the news that I’ve started writing for them again twice a month.

I’ve got some video to go along with the recipe too. You were all amazing in your response to the pizza video a couple of weeks ago. Adding more video to the site is something I’ve been mulling over for a few months now. I’d hide behind widow humor, though, and sarcastically joke that my producer/camera man/editor is gone. Then one day, it all clicked. There’s enough perfect, glossy, produced content out there. That holds true for food, fashion, parenting magazines, etc. What we don’t have enough of is real life. I’m talking about an honest glimpse of being in the kitchen. That is what I hope to capture in the videos I’ll be sharing from now on. My hair isn’t perfect, my Brooklyn accent is so thick, even a Ginsu couldn’t cut through it, and I now realize I say “okay” and “um” a lot. Continue reading »

5-minute pizza dough

A few days ago I was in a meeting and mentioned that Fridays are always pizza and a movie night with the girls. In saying that, I also casually said I make my own dough. One woman at the meeting commented, “I love how your pizza night is with homemade dough and mine is takeout”. She told me she wished she had the time to make it from scratch.

homemade pizza

I told the woman at my meeting that homemade pizza dough is no big deal, and much easier than most people think. Still, it got me thinking about how to really get this message across. The essence of Homemade with Love is not about the recipes per se; it’s about spreading my monumental love of being in the kitchen and cooking. My hope is that a little of bit of that love becomes contagious, and people begin to look at cooking as another way to express their own love for the people around them. I woke up with this lingering idea in my mind of how I could convincingly get my point across that homemade pizza dough is indeed easy. Continue reading »

Quick & Easy Homemade Vegetable Stock + A Video Recipe

I've been enjoying the Flip video camera I got at Blogher Food '09—thanks to Bertolli for the new gadget and a nice night in Napa. So, I've had this thing-a-ma-jig (is this even how you'd spell that?) sitting on my counter, and decided to start putting it to good use. Rather than the polished, wonderfully packaged pizza and blueberry muffin videos the Mr. creates for me, I wanted a more guerilla-style for this venture. Why not bring you into my kitchen in the heat of the moment? I'll admit, I did touch up my lip gloss, but that's as Hollywood as it gets. Luckily, the kids were at the park when I started and by time I had to shoot the end, they were actually behaving for the 30 seconds I needed peace and quiet. So watch and see how easy it is to make homemade vegetable stock. You'll be hard pressed to buy the canned stuff when you're done.

The great thing about vegetable stock is you start with a base of carrots, celery, onions and garlic. The other fresh veggies, if you're adding more, are negotiable and totally based on what you have on hand. For this particular meal, I was making the stock to use in a pumpkin, sweet corn and oyster mushroom risotto, so I threw in the mushroom stems and cobs once the kernels were removed. Now, as I mention, I tend to make vegetable stock as I need it (chicken is a whole other story), but then again I do this for a living and my kitchen is my home office. While it really is quick and easy to prepare, feel free to put a big pot up on the weekend and freeze it in smaller containers to use as needed. It's all about whatever works best for you. Continue reading »